Monday, July 13, 2009

a survey.

Make a list of things that make you:
HAPPY: friends, hugs, sleeping, eating, dozer, my room, the internet, movies, music, rain, grass, trees, forests, ice cream, cartoons, my teddybear, adventures, hanging out, tea, showers in the dark, communicating, laughing pointlessly, south park, my blanket, my pillow, russia

SAD: loneliness, no one responding to calls, being ignored, parents, waking up early, too much to do, lack of loves, thinking about the future, having nothing to do, computers, yelling, arguments, showgirls, stairs, empty hand, death, war,

MAD: parents, arguments, memories, childhood, being ignored, questions, people in my room that i don't want, heroin, pills, ecstasy, cocaine, meaningless sex, stupid people, nosey people, invasion o privacy, war, death, government, taxes, too much work, cigarettes, people in general

CRY: parents, memories, past, misunderstandings, fights, arguments, being ignored, movies, music, invasions of privacy, talking about myself

What are your favorite foods?
pineapples, pizza, pasta, honey, ice cream, salad, fast food, junk food

What do you do when your alone?
watch tv, internet, music, computer, art projects, sleep, eat, think

What do you do for people?
give them money, presents, love them, hug them, talk to them,think about them, entertain them, admire them

and what do they do for you?
keep me company, occasional hugs, talk to me sometimes

Sunday, July 12, 2009